My Book: Crunchy Kids!

Crunchy Kids

So yeah, I wrote a book! Not only is it a pretty cool thing to have something you feel so passionately about come to life in the pages of your very own book, but it’s also awesome when all your adorable nieces and nephews are in there too!

So I’ll make this short and sweet, because I’m sure you’re just dying to order one right now. Crunchy Kids is all about simple recipes and craft ideas that will inspire your kids to become a lifelong tree-snuggler, like me. Easy-peasy vegan recipes, crunchy craft ideas and tips for celebrating holidays and birthdays – all with an eco-chic twist. This books is a ton of fun and full of beautiful  photos.

What are you waiting for? Buy it!

You can order it from amazon by clicking here.

If you’d like a signed copy, email me at and I will hook you up with all the details.


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